Work day for SEW for SOS

A bunch of the SEW for SOS kids were in the library today for a work day.  Many pillows were made; much food was eaten; and this librarian’s heart was filled once again.  We shipped boxes of pillows to Operation First Response and NAMI; both organizations that the kids found and reached out to on their own, and with whom they hope to build enduring relationships.  No politics; just kids wanting to help folks.  It’s good that we will be reaching out to try to involve other schools and our own upper school in the fall, because this project is growing faster than I can keep up with.  The kids have made and sent out hundreds of pillows already.  They are working now on a (legitimate, legal) fundraising platform to pay for postage!

I’m grateful to these goofballs who made coming in to school on a summer day fun.

photo 1 (6) photo 4 (5)







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2 responses to “Work day for SEW for SOS

  1. Allison Williams

    what a testament to the good hearts of these kids and the special place that is your library.

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