I spent a good 4 hours or so playing today–first with Lego Wedo and Scratch, and then with the Littlebits Synthesizer kit, and then more with Lego/Scratch.

I needed that.  I got frustrated multiple times, because I am so horrible with spatial thinking, but I had fun.  I had played around with the WeDo before, just building a few of the models that are in the instruction books that come with the kit and then messing around with using Scratch to make them work, but today I wanted to try to create something of my own.  I got hung up in trying to figure out how to create chain reactions from the single motor, so I had to go back to the instructions just to get the concept down, and while I’m still shaky on it, I did make progress, and it felt good.   I also played around a bit more with Scratch and the WeDo sensor, and that was pretty awesome.  This is another one of those moments where I feel like I have dipped my pinky toe into an ocean of possibilities.  I’m grateful for the instruction models because I would be completely lost without them, but I love that moment where I can imagine kicking away the ladder of the model/instructions.  It takes me a while to get there, but it’s a lovely feeling.

I had hoped to build a simple motor today, inspired by the basic electronics class I did this weekend at hack.rva, but I didn’t have the wire I needed (thought I had some at school, but alas, nope), so I’ve pushed that off for a few days until I can get the wire.  My plan in the meantime is to dive further into Scratch, and possibly play with the Arduino module for Littlebits.  I also brought home my Make: Electronics book, which feels far less intimidating after this weekend’s class, along with some supplies for that.

Electronics Workshop at hack.rva

Electronics Workshop at hack.rva

My biggest obstacle lately is that there is so much I want to do, I often don’t know where to start, so I do nothing.  Today was a good day for just getting over myself and diving in to something.  Woot!


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