Ups and Downs

Just documenting my learning for the day.

I played more with Scratch and Littlebits (henceforth, LB) and Arduino.

The yays:

I got the light sensor working and freaked my cats out by having a meow sound come on every time they came close to the sensor.   Hilarity ensued.

I got the button working, and the sprite would respond to the pressing of the button.  I didn’t do a whole lot with this yet, but I like the potential.  I’ve ordered a LB slider and can do more once I have that.

The boos:

I couldn’t figure out how to get the motor working with the LB/Arduino.  I need to figure out the coding for that, and I can’t find anything online to help (yet).  I tinkered a bit and then decided to table it until tomorrow because I was getting too frustrated.

Then I just played more with Scratch and WeDo, which is SO much simpler/easier.  I can imagine a LOT of fun stuff that I can do with this.  It’s very easy to just plug it in and then play with the code extensions in Scratch; less rewarding than the LB/Arduino stuff, but nice to have some instant gratification.

Then I just played with Scratch.  I learned how to create a variable and make a sprite jump (the code there in the middle).  Woot!

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 10.50.03 PM

After all of that, which took several hours, I went online and ordered a Pico Board (which seems like maybe a halfway point between WeDo and LB/A?  a bit more capability in Scratch than WeDo but no tricky programming?), a guide to Scratch, and an Arduino Uno to go with a sensor kit I had ordered a while ago without realizing it requires an Arduino board to work.  It will probably take a week or two for my stuff to get here, because I chose the free shipping option, but I’m excited in particular to get the Pico board.  Maybe by the time it comes, I’ll be familiar enough with Scratch to do something interesting with it.  I’m kind of glad I have to wait for the book–curious to see how far I can get without it.

So, all in all, a good day of learning.  I also ate French toast at IHOP, which is my favorite food of all time, while the kid tested me on my knowledge of classic movies.  (Result:  My knowledge of classic movies is lacking.)



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2 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. 1. I’m really impressed by all the documenting of learning that you’ve been doing. Kudos!

    2. If you can’t find any help online about getting the motor to work with the LB/Arduino, then you may have to be the one who provides the tutorials for future seekers of knowledge.

    3. Which guide to Scratch did you get?

    4. Using your cats in your experimentation is an excellent idea!

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