So, in poking around tonight, I found this site.

Particularly was interested in this.

If you don’t feel like clicking links, basically, it’s hacking notebooks with paper circuitry.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.55.12 PM

The circuit, which is on the page behind the one you see below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.54.01 PM


I love paper circuits.  I love them because they are completely accessible for a newbie like me, and at the same time, you can do a zillion things with them.  I can’t even really explain my love for them, to be honest, but they are awesome.  The very first thing I did in the makerspace was attempt to make an electronic greeting card (a giant fail on that first try, by the way), so maybe that’s part it.

But anyway.  What has totally EXPLODED MY BRAIN WITH AWESOMENESS is the idea that you can have the stuff like the battery and some alligator clips in the back of a notebook, and then tons of circuits all through it, and then you can just connect whichever one you want to show with the clips.   Don’t need a battery on every page.  D’oh!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.11.42 AM

I’m a pretty terrible artist and have never managed to fill a sketchbook, but this whole idea makes me extremely happy.  Again, not explainable.

My other thought for today is how awesome the maker ed community is.  Yesterday I was frustrated by a roadblock and noted it on Twitter.  Immediately got offers for help.  Found what I needed online thanks to this whole idea that when you create something, you share it with the world.  You write code that makes something work (in this case, Littlebits and Scratch working together), and you just share it!  And you provide instructions for people to use it!  All for free!!  It’s so refreshing!

I didn’t get a whole lot done today.  Watched movies with the kid; attempted to make white chocolate popcorn (another fail, but in this case, it still tasted good, so who cares?).  Played a bit with WeDo/Scratch because at this point, it’s not a full day if I haven’t annoyed the cats by presenting them with some bizarre machine (today, I made a motorized Lego foot that would kick anything that came close to it, hoping it would kick their mouse toys around, but it didn’t have the force it needed to be effective).




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6 responses to “Wow

  1. Will your cats play with those plastic balls with the bells? Perhaps those are kickable. Also, paper circuits may be something fun to do with faculty in the fall.

  2. I’m loving your maker posts this summer, and very impressed with what you’re doing with littleBits! After reading your post, I had this brainstorm of adding paper circuitry to picture books, like “Creepy Carrots” by Peter Brown with it’s great …especially ones that are too damaged to keep circulating, but could be kept in the library to enjoy. Would need 2 copies of the book to paste pages together and hide the circuits, though. Not sure what I think of adding electronics to a print story…would it distract or enhance?

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