Quiet day

I promised the kid I’d do some organizing in her room while she is away–this has become an annual tradition, and it’s helpful to her because she has slight hoarding tendencies and needs some help getting rid of stuff.  Our agreement is that I won’t throw out or give away anything I think she might want, and all the stuff that I am pretty sure but not positive she is ready to either store in the attic or give away, I set aside in open boxes.

Thus far, I have three full bags of trash/goodwill and I think 4 full boxes ready to go to the attic upon approval.  There is still a lot of be done, but it was a very productive evening.  Every year (this is the 3rd year), it gets a lot easier because she gets better at managing her room on her own on a regular basis.  The first year was a nightmare.  I think it took me something like 9 hours.

So, not much making today, but I did amuse myself and the cats a little.  I tried using a Littlebits motor instead of a WeDo motor on a WeDo project.  Reasons:  I don’t need to be hooked up to the computer for it to work, and I can run more than one motor at a time, plus other fun stuff.

So, I could get it to work–there’s a little adaptor piece that comes with the motor and attaches to a Lego piece.  But it’s not easy (at least for a spatial-thinking challenged person like myself) to get it rigged up to where it will stay put and also connect correctly to projects.  I did get one thing going with it that turned out okay–just used a WeDo project (i.e., the plans for what to build) and subbed the Littlebits motor.  I think I’ll have more fun if I just figure out ways to build Lego things and then plop Littlebits inside them for effects.

So then, later on as a break from cleaning, I decided to try to make a toy for Malcolm, just purely make something that I thought he would like.  He liked it all right (watch to the end)!

(I’m not always this cat obsessed.  I am home alone with them for 12 days, and they are keeping me sane.)

Tomorrow (technically today) is a SEW for SOS workshop day.  I hope we get a good turnout and make a bunch of pillows!  It’ll be good to see some kids again and return to my roots (of maybe 6 months ago!) of sewing.


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