More play

My first task of the day was to get this working (Lego dude dancing to music, using a sound sensor on PicoBoard combined with WeDo motor, and a very basic Scratch program):

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.05.01 PM

The Scratch code

Then I made a bunch of electronic greeting cards, some that were more about the circuit and some more about the art–got out my watercolor pencils, which I haven’t used in a long time, and also tested out more cards with the circuit showing (instead of shining through from the page behind).

photo 2 (23)


Then I had a nap.  🙂

Not sure what I’ll get up to this evening.

I realized that I have a tendency to avoid projects that will take several days (or more)–I need to get better at designing more complex things and then chunking them into smaller mini-goals.  I like the quick gratification of a simple project, but I’m now at the point in my learning with these tools where it’s time to tackle something more ambitious.  Last night, I started on a more complicated Scratch program, but I don’t really have a clear design–right now, it’s just a series of cool (to me, at least) art programs all running in sequence.  I’d like to try a more ambitious paper circuit or etextile project, but I need to take the time to plan something out.  Something like this, except (realistically speaking) far less complex:

I guess something between what I’ve been doing and Jie Qi’s poster.  🙂


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