There is something extremely satisfying about making stuffed animals.

I bought a yard of very soft sherpa/suede fabric the other day, with the idea that I could make a stuffed animal.  Then all of the patterns I could find seemed too complex for my somewhat undeveloped sewing skills, except for this very basic bear pattern.

As I mentioned in my last post, the sherpa is a bit of a hassle and sheds a LOT, but I made these cuties:

photo (72)

I’m also working on an etextile project with another LilyTwinkle.  The plan/hope is to have a decorated/light-up iPad holder, and I’ll post the results if it actually ends up working.  There are a million places where I could mess up–I’ve already had to rip out quite a few stitches–so I feel like there is about an 80% chance of eventual success.

As summer winds down, I really need to be reading more.  I usually use the summer to do a ton of middle school reading, and I have read some, but not nearly enough to feel comfortable for the start of the school year!  I have a nice stack of books that I am looking forward to reading!



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