Crafting, plus SEW for SOS update

I think I might be getting sick, but aside from that, it’s been a good few days.

1. I downloaded ScratchJr (free iPad app).  It’s not something I will personally use (because of age of kids I work with), but seems worth looking at for folks who have or teach younger kids.

2. I made some more bears.  God, I love those bears.

3.  I made some origami stuff, most addictively these little cubes.  You make six separate pieces, and then the awesome part is fitting them all together into the cube.  Very satisfying.

photo (76)


4.  Today I met up with a former advisee for lunch, then headed to school to help Luke out with packaging up some SEW for SOS pillows.  We have sent out about 150 pillows in the last week, some to organizations, but today was all individual requests, about 25 of them, all over the country (and one to England!).  I was finally motivated to figure out how to import the data from the Excel spreadsheet of requests into a Mail Merge for the address labels–it took me way longer than it should have, but now that I know how to do it, I can walk the kids through it once and then be done with it.  (Luke is currently broken-armed and in a sling, so having him poke around to try to figure it out one-handed did not make sense; he probably would have gotten it quicker than I did anyway, though!  He did the packaging while I wrestled with Word.)

In other SEW for SOS news, Luke applied and got accepted to the World Maker Faire in NYC this September.  He and Deven, along with their parents and maybe some cousins who live in NY, will have an exhibit at the faire where folks can sew pillows.  If anyone reads this who is going to be at that Maker Faire, please give them a visit and some support!  It’s a huge deal.  I will help as much as I can with their prep work, but I won’t be along for the actual ride.  They also are on the final leg of the fundraising drive with; $90 to reach the stretch goal of $900.  The goal is to bring the project to other schools (providing supplies and some postage money), and also to get a postage fund for us–our shipments today probably will cost about $50.  Postage is by far the biggest expense.

And that is all!  Tomorrow I am going to attend a little intro to Python class that a colleague’s son is teaching–I figure I will be lost, but I’m looking forward to dipping a toe into those waters.

I have one more maker goal for the summer: to learn how to program an ATtiny85 and use it in a paper circuit.  And that, my friends, is ALL.  Because summer is almost over!


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