The happy kind of tired

Today was the first full day of school (with kids!!).  I am wiped out, but it’s the happy sort of exhaustion.  We had kids in to check out books, to tell us about their summers, to play and sew in the Makerspace.  Have I mentioned that we have the most awesome kids?  The building just has such a different feeling when there are young folks in it!  When it’s just the adults, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about schedules and whatnot, but put the kids back in and it all seems to make sense.  I’m still worried about the schedule, of course, but I trust the kids to tell us what they want/need, and I believe it will all fall into place.  We will probably have an interesting year where we learn through trial and error, but that can be fun, at least when you look back on it and can say you survived!  (Look at me being all optimistic.  Colleagues who read this:  feel free to remind me of this moment when I’m being grumbly because I messed something up on the calendar.)

I also had a bit of time today where I wrestled (mostly unsuccessfully, as it turns out) with the Sparkfun Digital Sandbox.  I am excited about the potential for this little gadget for learning/teaching some basic Arduino coding, once I can get it set up correctly.  (Some of the issues I am having are because I have added so many different files to my Arduino, I think.)  I had to uninstall my Ardublock files, because the ones I had were apparently an older version and didn’t match the user guide for the Sandbox, but now that I have done that and gotten that part straight, I am hoping to get it working tomorrow.  I did get it to blink, which felt like an enormous victory after the hour or so I spent having it not blink, and then decided to stop while I was ahead.  Sometimes it’s best to just bask in the glow of the blink and save more complicated projects for another day.

I also spent a chunk of time yesterday reading reviews and ordering books, so tomorrow will be a happy mail day in the library as they start to come in.  When you work in a library, you get to have Christmas/Birthday/Gift-giving holidays all year long!

All in all, a very nice start to the year!  🙂


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  1. The kids make all the difference. Also, my pin13 LED blinks, but not like it should based on the code. Hrmmmmm…..

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