Great Day

This is going to be a great year.  I can feel it.

My day:

1. 5th grade girls came for an introduction to the library, a book blitz (we booktalk a bunch of titles rapidly to give them a sense of our collection), and some browsing time.  Tomorrow we have three more intro/blitzes with 5th graders, and I can’t wait–love the energy of 5th grade!

2. Makerspace fun.  After yesterday’s 7-battery “fun,” I decided to prank the kids with a Littlebits wireless transmitter/receiver and buzzer.  (The transmitter was controlled by my coworker at the circulation desk.)  My hope was that, once they figured out the prank, they would play with the other Littlebits, and several of them did.  At the end of the period, I handed them the Make Electronics book and corresponding kits of supplies and encouraged them to give it a whirl.  They also somehow managed to make this mysterious thing, which has two motors and is very noisy:


SEW for SOS is up and running–the kids are sewing and putting together shipments–at the edge of that picture above is a pillow ready for shipment!  It looks like the 7th/8th grade recess time will regularly have both SEWers and general makers, and this makes me quite happy.  Then we go straight from recess into collaboration/help time, which means more book-finders and Makers.

The energy today around both reading and making was all really positive and fun.  Love love love my job.

Now I’m watching a crew of 6th grade boys who were in to use our Chromebooks leave the library, which is amusing.  6th grade boys don’t always just walk from point A to point B, and just sitting back and observing sometimes is good for a little lift.

I’m going to finally deal with my inbox (can’t say I love what is left in there to deal with, but such is life!), but I wanted to do my quick reflection first.


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  1. dianalrendina

    I love all the things you’re doing to spark your students curiosity 🙂

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