Maybe someday I will understand the appeal of putting 7 batteries together and hooking them up to a motor.  Maybe.  But I doubt it.  It’s never the same kid, though. I suspect each one tells the story of having done it, which arouses the curiosity of the ones who weren’t there to witness it, and they must come try it out. I have moved the batteries over to my table out in the library until this particular obsession dies down.

But, on the bright side, I tasked three youngsters with creating some rules for working with electronics in the Makerspace, and they came up with this during collaboration/help time (unedited):

Electronics Rules


  • If you don’t know the proper amount of power to use, don’t continue use until you know how much power is needed.
  • Clean up after you have finished.
  • You may not use a soldering iron or hot glue gun without teacher permission.
  • Only use materials that you need. Don’t waste materials.
  • Do not harm others with your creations and do not use your creations on others without their permission.
  • Be careful with liquids. No spills!
  • Use common sense. Please.
  • No horseplay.
  • Respect others’ stuff.
  • Do not plug self-made projects into the wall unless with specific permission.

I think they did a pretty nice job.  I printed out their rules (they also gave them a funky blue background), laminated them, and hung two copies up in the Makerspace in the areas where most electronics play has been occurring.  We’ll see how well this works!

I also did a scavenger hunt with 6th graders, for practice using the catalog.  The first clue takes them to a book in the biography section, and then in the back of that book is their next clue, and so on until they get to the end.  They hit biography, fiction, and two nonfiction books. The kids enjoyed it, and (at least with that class!) it set the year off to a good start with 6th grade library visits.

Another good day!  🙂




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