Fame and Whatnot

Okay, not fame, but I got to be on t.v., sadly looking like a bit of a creeper when I started across the room, realized I was in the shot, froze, and then kept walking.  NICE.  But anyway, here’s a link to the video if anyone is interested.  The kids did great!

Today was more scavenger hunting; book recommending; Makerspace managing; and general fun.  SEW for SOS is really thriving during recess.  The group grew after I took the pic, and I think we probably had at least 30 kids sewing today.

Grades 5/6 recess

Grades 5/6 recess

The tinkering continued as well.  I started off all Makerspace activity by pointing to the new Rules signs (created by students), and they were all on their best behavior, including crawling around on the floor to pick up scraps of paper/tape after they were done. That’s what I want to see! The project of the day for a group of them was modification of an old remote control car. Yesterday they were adding power to it, and today it got a switch. They got it working and I sent them to a back classroom to test it out. They built a ramp, and tomorrow the plan is to add an additional motor (I think?) and build a bigger ramp, and do some soldering on the car.

Modified car in progress

Modified car in progress

Another student is working on plans to build a cat tracker using arduino. Once this project gets going, it’s going to be a lot of fun–I hope to learn more about arduino through following his progress.

Love it!



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2 responses to “Fame and Whatnot

  1. dianalrendina

    I love those amoeba-like tables you have – what brand are they? Do your students only use the Makerspace during recess, or do they come at other times too?

    • I’m not sure of the brand for the tables, but I can try to find out!

      Students use the Makerspace during activity period (55 min); recess; and then collab/help period (30 min). The challenge is that these periods all run together, so the space is busy from 11:15 – 1:30 and I’m having to eat lunch in the library and supervise at the same time, and if I have classes before and after that block of time, I could potentially go an entire day without any break at all. I’m working on some possible solutions to that problem.

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