Rough Day

It’s so much harder to write a reflection after a hard day!  

Yeah, it was a rough one. The work day started with my least favorite task, coding purchasing card receipts, and I hit a snafu with that because of some missing receipts. That was solved with an online chat with Amazon (I think there was a glitch when I swapped computers this summer; all of the missing receipts were from the same day), but only after I ranted and raved for a while about it. (Sorry, colleague!) 

Then it was basically just one stress after another. I got my feelings hurt about one thing; felt pressured about another thing; totally goofed up on another thing; and felt (and still feel) pulled in too many directions, like I’m trying to do too many things and consequently not doing any of them nearly as well as I’d like. I’ve created my own problems, so I only have myself to blame, but that doesn’t really help much.

I’m working to try to find balance. Today I told the recess kids that they need to split days; 5th and 6th can come M/W, and 7th and 8th can come Tu/Th. I’m not sure yet about Fridays–it will probably be all or nothing. But anyway, the split means I can actually eat lunch without simultaneously trying to manage the Makerspace crews. I hate to limit SEW for SOS and our new, student-invented Library Intern program, but it’s much easier to make changes this early in the year, before we’re all burned out, than later. 

I just need to keep working on balance–between maker education and my traditional role of librarian. I love both so much. I love working with the kids in both capacities, and I love the chance to keep learning new things. A colleague suggested pulling other faculty into the Makerspace, and I would love that. 

Bright spots:

Someone donated an old laptop to the Makerspace, with the understanding that the kids would be taking it apart and seeing what’s inside and figuring out how it all goes together. Today, a group of boys started on that project (the remote control car crew, plus a few more), and it was fun to watch them problem-solve the dismantling (harder than you might think!) and start to learn about what the different components do.

After school, outdoor sports were cancelled due to rain. I had a large afterschool group in the library, and then for the last hour I was there, waiting on my own kid to finish up volleyball practice, I chatted with a student I have talked to before, but never for that long. It was a really interesting conversation–we talked about art mostly–and it was another one of my “this kid is a GENIUS!” moments because of how articulate and thoughtful she was.

Then I took my kid to IHOP and ate french toast, because french toast makes me happy.  🙂


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One response to “Rough Day

  1. Collette J.

    Oh my gosh, I hear you loud and clear! This post was me after the first week of school, and the best I can offer is “this too shall pass.”

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