The fun returns

What a great day to be in the library!  We were so busy, and it was all the wonderful kind–kids working in groups; kids studying together; kids looking for books; kids SEWing and tinkering.

I want to highlight one thing in particular, and that’s the group of boys who were working on the propeller thing last week.  This was where one kid kept saying “a boy can dream big!”  The dream was to make the box they were working with fly.  Yesterday they were holed up in a classroom working and reworking on it, and I never had a chance to check in with them on their progress.  Today, the “dreamer” came up to me and said, “It worked!  It hovered!  Then it fell apart, but it did fly!” I said, “So your dream came true?” Oh, the smile on that kid! Today a few of them got to work on a revised version. They got into a very detailed conversation about aerodynamics and how to arrange and shape the propellers. They were so focused, and yeah, I’m going to say it, they were pretty much being geniuses. I’m proud of these guys: for their perseverance, for their willingness to dream and to work; for their joy in the process. 


It flew!

We also were lucky to get a donated old laptop for kids to take apart, and that group took the thing apart as much as possible (including taking off every key on the keyboard) and they now almost have it all back together.  


Laptop Dissection 101

Finally, we had another busy SEW for SOS day, with some journalism students from VCU coming out to interview the kids. Many pillows were sewn and much goofiness was on display. What most struck me today, though, was how SEW has become a smoothly running machine–they get right to work, and are getting pretty efficient with cleanup (efficiency not always correlating with quality of organization, but we’ll get there! they might not be thrilled when I ask them to sort the bins they they’ve been tossing random things into, but they will do it).  


Master fabric cutter!



So, it was a fun day. I’ve got my groove back. Thanks, kids, for being your awesomely inspiring selves.



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2 responses to “The fun returns

  1. Allison Williams

    Love the energy and enthusiasm coming from your blog and your library. Sounds like these kids are learning so much that isn’t just found in books!

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