I have nothing particularly interesting to report, but it was a joyful day in the library.

  • Some kids are playing with the Raspberry Pi (it has been in a box in the Makerspace since last spring, but it was only just discovered last week when we did our enforced clean-up!).
  • The Flying Box kids are continuing their work.  One came up to me and said, “So here’s our hypothesis.” (Someone has been listening in science class, right?) They think they either have the propellers on wrong or “maybe it’s just too heavy.” But I did witness the hovering they’ve been talking about, and it’s pretty exciting. They are now seeing if they can get coin cell batteries, which are lighter, to provide enough power to make the motor run fast enough.
  • The Library Intern program continues to grow. I need to at some point get a photo of my colleague surrounded by eager interns. They like to all talk to her at once.  🙂
  • I sat and made origami boxes with a 5th grade boy as the chaos of collaboration/help time swirled around us.

A very good day.  Especially for a Monday!


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