Parent’s Night + New York = Nap

Last night was Parent’s Night for the middle school. The library hosted a number of information tables (fine arts, auxiliary services, PE), plus the food, so we were pretty busy! It was great to see so many people and to get some parent perspective/feedback on the things we are doing in the library. We heard about our interns loving being interns, our readers loving our collection and suggestions, and our makers loving the Makerspace. How nice it is to hear, “Every day when he gets in the car, the first thing he talks about is what he did in the library today.”

To make things a little more fun, I set up a Makey Makey/Scratch piano with playdough keys and a Make an LED Throwie for Your Child station.  (Throwie = LED + battery + magnet + tape.  Makes a simple little light that can stick on your locker or refrigerator.) I didn’t know what to expect in terms of interest, but I think parents made at least 75 throwies! I hope they stayed lit overnight because a bunch of parents put them in their kids’ lockers to surprise them this morning. My test one lasted a few days, so I think it was probably okay, but you never know. And I wasn’t there to find out because. . .

I’m in NEW YORK CITY! for the World Maker Faire, where the SEW for SOS kids will have an exhibit. I am so excited to see the Faire!

When I got to my hotel (after a smooth but exhausting morning of travel–two straight nights of 3-4 hours of sleep did not make for a happy traveler), the guy at the desk asked if I wanted a smaller bed in exchange for a room on the top floor, on a corner, with a better view. I said yes. This (poor picture, sorry) is what I got to see this evening:


Once I got in my room, I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes.  I woke up several hours later, thankfully in time to catch that sunset.

And that is all my news! I’m going to try to crash early so I am well rested for a busy day tomorrow of Maker Faire and evening of seeing some local friends.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear all about your day! BTW, a parent subbing in the Lower School spoke so enthusiastically about her 7th grader’s pleasure in the library. Especially how it provides an alternative at recess for all those kids who aren’t “jocks.”

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