First Activity Period: Success!

Today was Day 1 of the 8-day rotation of activity periods (55 min, once every rotation). My Makerspace activity for today was Tinkering 101, but because of scheduling issues that are too boring to go into, I had some Tinkerers and some Sewers.  (I’ll have Tinkerers in my Sewing activity as well, so in the end, it will balance out.)

I wish I had taken some pictures, although it’s the same as what I have been posting lately: kids playing with motors and LEDs and batteries, and kids cutting fabric and sewing. I was super impressed with this group of kids–after having them fill out a short info sheet so I know what they hope to make and a quick intro from me about how I expect/need them to help each other when problems come up, and how things going wrong is part of the process, they got right to work. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do because I suspect that the tinkerers will keep upping their game each week–they are a sharp group, and seem pretty fearless about learning through trial and error.


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