I had the second class of Tinkering 101 last week, which also includes several Sewing kids who couldn’t make the time for the Sewing class.

The sewers were working on pencil pouches and a stuffed letter locker decoration.


She put a tiny magnet inside and then another outside, so the letter sticks on the inside of her locker.


Pencil pouches in progress!

The Tinkerers were a bit aimless at first, until I pulled out the Littlebits kit, and then they really got busy, particularly with the Bits that involve sound (microphone and synth kit Bits). I gave them headphones, but you can’t connect headphones to the buzzers, unfortunately! At the end of the period, they were talking about plans for what they want to do next session.

One notable moment: the Bits have these little bases that you can use to hold a project together, but one boy was frustrated that there was no way to attach the battery to the base. He mentioned the problem several times, clearly wanting me to fix it, and I was too busy to try to help with it (so just told him he’d have to hold the battery or have the project resting on the table). I just now noticed, uploading these pictures, that he solved the problem by attaching the battery to the base with some tape!  This is a tiny thing, but it’s also an important thing, I think–it gives me something I can point back to with this kid as a time when he figured out a solution on his own. Often in the Makerspace, multiple kids will be asking for help all at the same time (typically the younger kids–the older ones know I’m not much help! ha ha!), but then after having helped whichever one managed to get to me first, I’ll look up and realize that the rest have managed to either solve the issue on their own or found another student to help. Maybe I just need to always look too busy!


LittleBits synth kit fun.


LittleBits. Note the red underneath the battery–that’s tape!


LittleBits experimentation.

My other observation from that class is that the LittleBits are providing these kids with a really nice, safe entry into some basic electronics concepts. I had planned to have them doing something a bit more complicated in that class (building a basic circuit with a photosensor and diode)–still very simple, but requiring a bit more patience, I guess. They were not interested. BUT, I think that once they have played with the Bits for a little longer, they will be curious to know how those Bits are built, and we can step into some of those concepts and projects that involve starting with the basic components. I also look forward to showing them the Arduino Bit and seeing if they are up for trying out some programming!


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