First Day!

Today was the first full day of school.

I’m too exhausted to write a real post, but I want to remember this part of the day:

After a quiet morning, with a few bursts of activity as 5th graders came in on tours but mostly focused time doing planning for lessons later this week and cataloging, we had what we call collab/help time. Suddenly, there were kids everywhere–from new 5th graders to wise(ish?) 8th graders.  Asking for book recommendations, exploring the space, checking out, saying hello and catching us up on their summers. I can’t really capture it, but it’s magical to me, and it fills me up.  The power of words; the power of connection. A kid showed me her hand-painted shoes; a kid dragged his friend over to the section where his new favorite author’s books live; a kid tried desperately to remember the title of a graphic novel about parasites that he’d read over the summer.

I am happy.  Tired, but happy.


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