Augh.  I wish I had posted something right when school started, because I composed a mental post about what a great start to the year it was and how wonderful it is to be back amongst the kids and my faculty friends.  Alas, I didn’t write it down, but trust me that the year started off fabulously and is chugging right along.

In our first rotation with 6th-grade reading classes, we did an activity about book preferences and as part of that, had them write the titles of their favorite books on sticky notes and stick them to this giant whiteboard we have out in the main area of the library.  (Sadly, I did not take a photo.  It looked cool.)  Today, I finally got around to doing something with that data.  I started by sorting into genres and popular titles, at the end of which I had this:


While the pile for Harry Potter had 18 stickies, there was no other clear favorite–the kids like a wide variety of books!  Yay! So, what to do with this information?

My idea was to create an “If you liked. . . you might also like. . .” display, using the titles provided by the kids–for both sides of the display.  So, for example, 8 kids named Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper as a favorite, but a bunch of other realistic fiction titles along the same lines were named.  I also of course threw in some of my own recommendations, and then have left space for kids to fill in their own suggestions.  I’ve got a few more categories to do, but this is the basic idea.  Kids can add to the lists at the bottom.


So that was my day!  🙂

I’m hoping to get in the habit of some reflective blogging, but these days I’m pretty worn out (happy tired, but tired) at the end of the day, plus I’m trying to make up for the fact that I read zero middle school literature over the summer by reading a lot in the evenings.  Some fabulous stuff has come out recently, and maybe I’ll try to do a review post for the school blog soon.

My main reflection at this point of the year is that on Sunday night, as I was going to bed, I was excited for Monday morning to come and to see what the week would bring.  The energy the kids are bringing to the library this year is phenomenal–they are crazy excited about books and the makerspace, and one can’t help but be heartened by it.


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