What’s Next

I have what I think is a decent theory about why it happened, but that doesn’t matter now.  My days are spent surrounded by youngsters, half of whose faces light up at the sound of our president-elect’s name and half of whose faces fall, and all of whom I love.  I can tell you that if these kiddos are the future, we have a LOT to be hopeful about.  Because they are the very definition of awesome.  If you need a lift, come to the library before school some morning and hang out with Anne, William, Matthew, Kristin, and Drew.  Ask them about their plan to build a book-shelving robot cat.  Or come during recess and chat with Jewel about her invention of a bag within a bag, or check out Ty’s growing collection of pillows, or Ned’s 3D designs.  Watch these kids teach other how to do new things in the Makerspace; watch them help us shelve books or help each other find good things to read; or just watch them being goofy rascals flopping around on the comfy chairs.

No, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.  They can be unkind to each other–it’s part of being human, and it’s definitely sometimes part of being a middle-school-aged human.  But they have good hearts. I see it every day, and it lifts me. I worry about what I’m reading in the news about unkindness all over our country, but I hope to see a strong movement in my school, rising from the children themselves, counteracting the ugliness that we are seeing in some pockets. If I believe in anything, it’s the power of these kids to fix our world.  They need our guidance and they need our support, but the love is in them and really all they need is for us to not screw this up.

So I will wear my safety pin.  I will tell the kids that it’s not about who I voted for, but it’s about sending a message that no matter who you voted for, everyone should know that they are safe.  That is my first step.



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